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SuperArgus PET/CT

Real-time PET imaging system

Real-time PET imaging system
SuperArgus PET/CT

세계최초 tDOI 기술을 통한 실시간 PET imaging system

The core of the SuperArgus PET/CT system is its Phoswich detector technology, which provides true depth-of-interaction (tDOI) or parallax-correcting capability, implemented through dual-scintillator phosphor sandwich detector modules.
Along with this advanced crystal technology, the SuperArgus PET/CT has the best in its class acquisition electronics with the following differentiating advantages:
1. Awake animals PET imaging
2. Real time image quality control
3. First-shot imaging
4. Multi animal studies for high-throughput experiment

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Real-time PET imaging system
SuperArgus PET/CT
Resolution < 1mm High resolution mode: 20 um
DOI Phoswich Detector Technology Standard resolution 20,50, 100um
Transversal FOV 12cm FOV: 12cm x 45cm
Axial FOV 15cm, 10cm o 5cm X-ray energy: 20 – 110 kV
Dynamic FOV > 45cm Variable focal spot: 15-80 um
Multianimal bed system Variable focal distance
Sensibility > 11% Detector panel CMOS
Bore diameter 16cm Max power: 50 watts
Up to 144 detector modulesr Acquisition time: 15 seconds.