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SuperArgus SPECT/CT

Real-time PET imaging system

소동물용 SPECT (Single-photon emission computed tomography) 이미징 장비
SuperArgus SPECT/CT

SuperArgus SPECT/CT for small-animal imaging integrates fully functional SPECT and CT systems, a major breakthrough in functional imaging technology for biomedical research. SEDECAL offers highly versatile, floor standing and true high performance SPECT system.

MMP technology uses the iterative statistical HiSPECT reconstruction (ML-EM type). HiSPECT is regularized using RAYguide, the result of five years in R&D. RAYguide allows the iterative result to continuously getting mature, achieving high resolution w/o increase of image noise.

• Floor standing 4 detector system
• Stationary imaging capability
• Highest sensitivity available
• High resolution

소동물용 SPECT (Single-photon emission computed tomography) 이미징 장비
SuperArgus SPECT/CT
System specifications
– Stationary imaging in 4 detector configuration (field upgrade-able from 1 to 4) and slip ring technology.
– Helical scanning capability w/o limits in cycles.
– Maximum-Likelihood-enhanced scintillation detection
– List-mode data acquisition and ultra-fast detection electronics
– High count capability (>200kcnt/s)
– Spatical resolution 1.8mm (intrinsic @ 140keV) and Energy resolution 9%
– ECG- and respiratory-triggering
– Animal bed fits across the entire Sedecal SupeArgus family
– Axial extent of animals to be imaged both in SPECT and CT is up to 380mm
SPECT specifications
*Collimatio with multi-pinholes (up to 32 per head) and fanbeam geometry
*Multi-pinhole collimation in mouse and rat mode
*standard mouse and rat multi-pinhole collimators for (i) high axial FOV or( ii)high resolution
*Any choice of multi-pinhole collimators will deliver the highest sensitivity on the market (for a given tomographic resolution axil FOV
*Custom designed multi pinhole collimators available
*Dedicated statistical iterative reconstruction
CT specifications
FOV 120mm in diameter
– Minimum whole body mice acquisition time : 15 seconds
– Spatial resolution : 50,100, 200um
– Ultra high resolution mode 12 um resolution
– Scan Mode : Continuous rotation with variable SID and zoom
– Auto-shielded accorhing to FDA X Ray cabinet Minimum acquisition time:
15 seconds preconfigured and user protocol selections scout scans for animal positioning